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A Podiatrist Shares Surprising Facts About Your Feet

A podiatrist is a specialist who focuses solely on the feet, and because that is their main focus, they have all sorts of surprising facts to reveal! 

Most everyone is given two feet when they are born. We use our feet for walking, running, and even sporting the newest trendiest pair of shoes. But, even though we know the importance of having our feet, there are still a lot of things about them that we may not be aware of.

In this article, we outline a few facts revealed by a podiatrist. These facts may take you by surprise but it can be beneficial to know all about the feet! 

Surprising facts about your feet

Each foot has 26 bones!

In total, the feet have 52 bones. Out of a person’s entire body, a quarter of their bones are within their feet. Just by looking down at your feet, it may be hard to tell that there are so many bones inside of them but it only makes sense.

Because we rely so heavily on our feet to go anywhere, it makes sense that there are so many bones present. The feet are extremely delicate yet we rely on them to go just about anywhere!

The feet mirror a person’s general health

If a person’s feet are in bad condition, it is likely that their overall health is also in bad condition. Foot ailments often show signs of unhealthiness before any other part of the body. An unhealthy foot may indicate that a person has a nerve or circulatory disorder.

The feet can withstand crazy amounts of pressure

One of the most surprising facts about the feet is that they can withstand up to three to four times the weight of a person’s body. When a person is walking, the pressure that is exerted to the feet can often go above a person’s body weight. And, when running is taking place, the pressure is likely three to four times more than the person’s weight.

This surprising fact revealed by a podiatrist is just a tell-all of how strong and important the feet actually are. 

Two feet = 250,000 sweat glands

A podiatrist shares that each person’s feet have 250,000 sweat glands in them. A lot of people experience sweaty feet, and it makes perfect sense as to why! Almost a half a pint of moisture is excreted from the feet each day.

Toe to thumb transplants are common

The big toe on each person’s foot was once used as a thumb. Our predecessors were able to climb trees and grip onto things using their toes, but more specifically their big toes. As technology has advanced, podiatrists are now able to perform toe to thumb transplants which allow the big toe to act as a thumb if a person were to lose one or experience a trauma.

Talk to a podiatrist today!

These surprising facts about your feet are just the beginning! There are so many things about the feet that people don’t know. It never hurts to talk with a podiatrist about anything related to the feet.

If you have questions or concerns, or even want to know more surprising feet facts then reach out to our office so that we can help you further! 

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